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About us

TechWave International’s mission is to bridge the gap between academic sectors and the health industry. We dedicate to maximizing the value of clients’ intellectual innovations and producing the best solutions to technology transfer and commercialization. We leverage our multi-disciplinary knowledge of statistics, biology, computer science, and engineering to deliver the highest value results. Run by a highly experienced management team, we aim at offering satisfactory customer experience with smooth communication and attentive service.

TechWave International was founded in Houston, Texas in 2016. Our headquarter is located at TMC X+, a global leading incubator in the fields of life-science and health care. TechWave International is granted access to the world’s largest medical center.


TechWave International provides the best solutions to your unique needs for basic research and clinical research. Our areas of specialties include but not limited to artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data mining, statistic modeling, and medical NLP (natural language processing).


Data Management

Organize and maintain your data for secure and structured access


Data ETL

Employ reliable tools to extract, transform, and load data to data warehouse.


Data Processing

Process, clean, and transform your raw data.


Data Integration

Combine heterogeneous data from various sources into meaningful and normalized information.


Data Modeling

Build statistical models to reveal the nature of business.


Data Visualization and Reporting

Visualize and report your clinical data to support better decision making


Software Development

Apply best medical practice in agile software development and user experience design.


Medical NLP

Process your clinical narratives to unlock valuable data.


Cloud Computing

Resize the power of computing at your fingertips.


Training and Consulting Service

Implement effective, customized training for your team. Provide result-driven solutions to your business.


Wearable Devices

Develop wearable devices and algorithms to track medical data.


RegNetwork is a data repository of five-type transcriptional and post transcriptional regulatory relationships for human and mouse.

ReGEO is designed as a user-friendly database for integrative analytical research.The convenience and accuracy of identifying thousands of potentially useful datasets is expected to catalyze integrative analytical research in the era of Big Data.

The ImmuneData team develops a data discovery index (DDI) prototype which indexes data that are stored elsewhere. The DDI plays an important role in promoting data integration through the adoption of content standards and alignment to common data elements and high-level schema. 

GETc is a Collaboration Platform with Scalable Analytic Tools to Efficiently Promote Use/Reuse of Time Course Gene Expression Data for Scientific Discoveries.

Free public data related with immunology or infectious diseases available to accelerate your research.

A dedicated platform connecting clients and service providers via intelligent matching.


USA Headquarter

Address: 2450 Holcomb Blvd, Suite X+111
Houston, TX, U.S.A. 77021
Tel: 585-413-6112
E-mail: contact@techwaveinc.com

China Office

Address: 9 Jiuhua Rd, Caitong Building Suite 801
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Tel: 86-15990027764
E-mail: contact@techwaveinc.com

Data made wisdom

Everyone is smart, but not everyone is wisdom. What makes the difference is the data-driven strategies and tools.

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